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Ron was born and raised in Norfolk, VA. During his teenage years he lived in a housing project and money was always tight. Throughout it all, Ron’s parents taught him the value of helping others.

Ron left home when he was 18 years old after graduating high school. He stepped off the bus in Philadelphia, PA with six cents in his pocket. He couldn’t even buy a candy bar.

Ron worked several labor jobs and six months later got a job at the post office. He bought his first home when he was twenty-one years old. But, Ron had a lot of ups and downs throughout the next 2 decades of his life.

When Ron was in his 40s, he decided to go to college. He was a single dad raising a teenage son. At the time, Ron was working at the New Jersey Department of Higher Education, where he met his present wife, Ruth, with whom he has been married 30 years. He was a computer operator at the time.

With the help of his wife and the support of the entire staff, Ron obtained a Batchelor Degree in Computer Science in three and a half years – a degree he paid for himself.

In 1996, Ron began to invest in real estate. His investments proved to be very profitable and today Ron is financially free!

In 2018, Ron began to teach financial literacy to children ages 10, 11 and 12. Today, he has expanded his training to teenagers and young adults with a focus on preparing them with a path to prosperity.


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